Lab Manager

LAB MANAGER is SaaS based application hosted in a multi-tenant cloud environment, provides effortless and cost-effective solution with an integrated lab informatics suite for Laboratory process Management.

Lab Manager brings in advantages to the Lifescience organizations by ensuring

  • Lab Productivity Improvement
  • Managed Services support
  • Leverages scalability to meet business requirements
  • Reduced downtime
  • Zero software licensing
  • Ensure business continuity with built-in disaster recovery for data safety & Security
  • Rapid deployment model
  • Built in Validation kit

Lab Manager annual subscriptions eliminate upfront capital costs, scalability, Periodic Validation cost, automatic software updates, etc.,

e-Log Manager

eLOG MANAGER provides a simple and easy-to-use, cost and time saving tool for highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotech, bio-pharmaceuticals and other drug manufacturing company wide enforcing and supporting of FDA and GxP compliance efforts in the areas of logbook registrations in all its paper forms.

The E-Log Manager is a SaaS application comply with Global Regulatory agencies expectations such as FDA's 21 CFR part 11, EU Annex 11, WHO Annex 11, PiCS, etc., This enables control strategy using electronic signatures, multi-level password authentication and Process & System audit trails, reduced typing & Auto date / time as per Satellite clock, etc., and many more. This in turn eliminates human error, Data Integrity, Documentation Management ( Issuance / Record keeping / Archival, etc.,). eLOG MANAGER contains standard eLOG books for Oral Dosage Manufacturing, Sterile Injectables Manufacturing, Biologics, Small Molecules Manufacturing cutting across log books from various departments such as Stores / Warehouse, QC, QA, Engineering, IT, Process areas, R&D.

Native Data Automation

Native Data automation system has the capability to read, interpret, create and validate data from any source to a destination system seamlessly, with high level of accuracy, achieving quick Turn around and improved efficiency. DnA is agnostic to any application and nature of data.


  • Versatile application for use across any master data automation
  • Extensive research to cater for complexities in Pharmaceuticals technical data
  • Use case across profound Lifescience enterprise
  • Quickly customizable for any exceptional handling

In spite of having an electronic system, there is no adherence to systemic way of Operation.

Preparation, Review & Approval of Legacy GxP Documentation and Storage in local drive / Server.

Skilled Data Entry operator transcribing the technical GxP data in to an electronic System

GxP systems using the Master data for the core commercial operation & DUAL SYSTEM EXISTENCE

Life Science Industry Common Problem Statements :

Master data Management in legacy system
Right first time in the Master Data
Existence of dual system

Master data transcription from legacy system
Human errors in the Legacy Master Data
Inadequate Validation

Huge Turn around time
Transcription errors during migration of data
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