Who We Are

Strategico is founded by a team of professionals who are passionate about "Technology Transformation Initiatives" for Business efficiencies and compliance governance in a Process driven Organization.

While the team has several years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, we have re-engineered and harmonized the processes for other discrete manufacturing industries to attain Quality by design, Compliance by design and Efficiency by Design.

Our services to Lifescience Organizations always keep in view the expectations from Global Regulatory agencies on standards of compliance to meet GxP criterions.

We are a team of industry-specific experts coupled with process automation and validation specialist who bring the flavor of Business expectations solutions through technology interventions.

What We Do

Our mission is to "Break-down" client expectation into a well-orchestrated "Business Outcome" and suggest solutions that are "Fit for purpose". We then, partner with the customers in the entire life cycle of implementation from concept development until the realization of the purpose of the "Spend".

Our Approach is unique in terms of "Top – down" expectation Synchronized with "Bottom - Up" implementation strategy.

Expectations from different Hierarchical levels on the "Current state" vis-à-vis the anticipated future state are documented and shared amongst all stakeholders to get a holistic buy-in on the expected results and the cross-functional involvement in solution engineering.

Specialists in LifeScience Compliance

Our specialist have a deep understanding of "Life Science Industry Processes" across the functions watchfully looking at critical areas of Operational excellence, Standards of compliance, robust Quality processes, expectations from Regulatory and a well-integrated Technology solutions to arrive at the "Best fit proposition" which are unique for each customer to address complex business challenges.

We have pioneered in our offerings to LifeScience clients by leveraging on their existing strengths, develop new capabilities through innovative thinking thereby creating a "Customer specific" ecosystem which is authored, owned and administered by the respective stakeholders.

Strategico provides a full line of industry-specific quality and compliance services including turn-key solutions to Global customers. Our specialized services are proven and enabled by "design & default" to ensure this becomes a way of Life and not superfluous.

Process Transformation Strategy

Strategico team of specialist goes to the bottom of the each of the defined processes across the different pharma processes commencing from product development in R & D, Tech Transfer to commercial operations, Laboratory processes including Stability Process Management, Warehousing & automation portfolio, Engineering services, advisory services in Packaging & Serialization.

Process automation ensures that the "Data Management" across the function is electronic leading to ease and accessibility for a host of "Business Analytics" services aimed at improving efficiencies in operations, cutting cost, optimized use of manpower, address deficiencies caused due to either people or machines of the process to be a compliant organization in the entire value chain.

Our mission in the "Process automation" space is to assure our customers
- Robustness in the Quality of documentation
- Implement unambiguously the concept of "Right first time"
- Establish a clear demarcation between "Technical expertise" vs. "Documentation expertise"
- Establish training needs for people scientifically as against periodicity conditions
- Drastic reduction in transcription errors and risk associated with inconsistencies

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